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For over 35 years, INTERSCIENCE has been providing high-quality equipment for microbiology, especially designed for quick and safe analyses in quality control. We offer a large range of products, from solid sample preparation to its final bacterial enumeration, for the food and agro-food, medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Discover our products for microbiology:

Sample preparation with BagSystem®


BagFilter® range

Blender bags

DiluFlow® range

Gravimetric dilutors

BagMixer® range

Lab Blenders

All inclusive packs

BagMixer® Packs

BagTools® range

Lab accessories

FlexiPump® range

Dispensing pumps

Anabac® range

Autoclave deodorants

Bacterial enumeration with Plate & Count System®

easySpiral Dilute®

Automatic diluter and plater

easySpiral® range

Automatic Spiral platers

Scan® range

Automatic colony counters

Scan® Inhibition zones

Inhibition zone readers

Scan® 100

Manual colony counter

All inclusive packs

Plate & Count System®

With our products you are enabled to quickly homogenize your sample, from 5 mL to 3500 mL, for microbiological analyses. Using our gravimetric dilutors, lab blenders and peristaltic pumps, you can ideally prepare the sample before its microbiological analysis.
You can then use our automatic Spiral plater and dilutor to automatically do your serial dilutions and plate your sample. The Scan automatic colony counters then insure automatic counting and traceability of the analyses.

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