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Sample preparation with BagSystem®

BagSystem® is a full range of products for the quick and safe preparation of the sample before its microbiological or chemical analysis with:

- BagFilter® : filter and plain sterile blender bags range (+ than 20 references)
- DiluFlow®: gravimetric dilutors range (3 models available)
- BagMixer®: lab blenders range (10 models available)
- BagTools®: lab accessories range

- No risk of cross-contamination
- Accurate results and excellent reproducibility
- Significantly increases your analyzing capacities

1. Collect the sample
Place the solid sample in a sterile filter bag.
The bag stands open with a BagOpen®.

2. Dilute the sample
Weigh the sample on the DiluFlow® dilutor.

Choose your dilution rate.

DiluFlow® dilutor automatically adds the appropriate mass of diluent.

3. Homogenize the sample
The sample is homogenized with the BagMixer®.
There is no contact between the sample and the machine to avoid cross contamination.

Bacteria are extracted from the sample without being destroyed in less than 60 seconds.

4. Pipet the filtered sample
Pipet easily and without error thanks to a unique marking system.

Thanks to the integrated filter of the filter bag, filtration is instant and sterile.

1. Solid sample to be analyzed
2. Non-filtered homogenized sample
3. Pipet here a clear filtrate

Your filtrate is ready for analysis. The bacterial concentration remains the same in the 2 compartments.
No residue or debris will block the pipet or cause errors in the colony counting.

5. Store the sample
The homogenized samples are closed by BagClip® and stored in the BagRack®.

6. Dispensing liquids
With the FlexiPump® peristaltic pumps, serial dispensing is precise and efficient.

Prepare your media (in test tubes, bottles and Petri dishes) for optimal plating of the sample with FlexiPump®

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