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Customized manufacturing

INTERSCIENCE services offer the opportunity to prepare customized consumables and lab instruments upon your request, and also to perform specific studies for your application.

OEM sterile bags for microbiology
Customized sterile bags for microbiology
Customized bags are manufactured according to your particular needs in our manufacturing plant with high standards of quality.

Choose your bags:
- Type of filter (lateral, full-surface, central or no filter)
- Filter porosity (from 10 microns to 280 microns…)
- Shape (straight bag, round-bottom…)
- Size (from 80 ml to 3500 ml)
- Material (Multilayer®, Multilayer® Extra, PolySilk®, HD PolySilk®…)
- Weldings (standard weldings, reinforced weldings, dotted lines…)
- Openings (small, large, easy pipetting, easy pouring…)
- Compartments (from 1 to 3 compartments)
- Customized marking (your logo, no logo…)
- Calibrated separations (according to your application…)

All INTERSCIENCE products can be customized, adapted to your application and packaged with your specifications. A special R&D team is dedicated to perform studies for your application and business.

Please contact us for more information.

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