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2000 mL sterile bags

INTERSCIENCE is proud to launch a new range of 2000 mL sterile sampling bags in order to improve the sensitivity and security of pathogen tests as the sample testing standards are today performed in bigger quantities such as 50 g, 100 g, 125 g, up to 375 g samples.
INTERSCIENCE accompanies you in this evolution by delivering a new dimension of sterile bag of 2000 mL, in between the 400 mL and the 3500 mL bags range.


- Ideal for pathogens research, Listeria Monocytogens and Salmonella research

- Improved efficiency for big samples

- Cost effective for sample pooling

The new 2000 mL bags are perfect for analyzing samples up to 375 g, in a more convenient format than the larger 3500 mL bags.
This new size also enables you to lower your analyses prices and are great for sample pooling such as 5 x 25 g samples.
This dimension also enables analysis of 375 g samples diluted to 1/4 to use less diluent.


Maximum blending volume : 2000 mL
Optimal blending volume : 400 mL à 1500 mL
Size : 250 mm x 380 mm

Compatible with:
DiluFlow® gravimetric dilutors
JumboMix® lab blenders

Download 2000 mL sterile bags flyer:

PDF - 4.7 Mb


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