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March 20th 2017
Ready for the seminar “Recent innovations in food microbiology” at ArabLab
Hope to see you there !

February 28th 2017
What a great show this year at Chinalab! Thank you for your visits!

February 21st 2017
Discover the new BagMixer sample demos videos

January 15th 2017
Discover the list of shows in which we are participating this year !


Decembre 15th 2017
Re-discover ths Spial method for plating ! So many advantages for your work analyses !

Novembre 17th 2016
MEDICA 2016 was great ! Thanks everybody for your visits !

November 15th 2016
The University of Medecine and Pharma in Marseille evaluate in full independency the Scan 1200 - inhibition zone reader - in comparison to other models.
The Scan® 1200 has many advantages thanks to its small size, rapidity of use and high-resolution imaging allowing the possibility to improve AST results after only 6–8 h of incubation. This AST reader system represents a robust alternative tool for routine use in clinical microbiology laboratories.“says this scientific paper”Evaluation of the Scan® 1200 as a rapid tool for reading antibiotic susceptibility testing by the disc diffusion technique” by Mrs Stéphanie Le Page, Mr Grégory Dubourg, Professor Jean-Marc Rolain.

Abstract and access to article here:

November 14th 2016
We are at MEDICA 2016 Hall 3, B36 ! Come and see our new products, including the Scan 4000 !

November 8th 2016
Let’s meet in MEDICA soon !

October 25th 2016
Synutra, the chinese gigantic baby food labs are equipped in France and China by INTERSCIENCE to guarantee the quality of its milk powder.

October 18th 2016
Hello Shanghai ! So many people on our booth today at Analytica China, with great interest for our Scan colony counters, feels good !

October 10th 2016
Great time in Tokyo, Japan for Hi S-Tec !

October 3rd 2016
It is always nice to meet and have time to talk about your needs. Thank you Bangkok for a great 2016 ThailandLab !

September 22th 2016
It is great to meet you in ThailandLab ! Come by booth #J4/1 to try new INTERSCIENCE products !

September 19th 2016
Hello Bangkok ! We will be expecting you at ThailandLab this week. See you booth #J4/1

September 7th 2016
Meet us soon at AOAC in Dallas, USA !

August 9th 2016
Thank you for your visit at IAFP2016 in Saint Louis !

July 25th 2016
Discover our full range of products at IAFP !

July 25th 2016
Meet us at IAFP in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA from July 31 to August 3. We will be booth 830.

July 19th 2016
Analyze instantly your Petri dishes with the Scan automatic colony counters range

June 28th 2016
Thank you for visiting us at JIB Biology. Proud to present the great Scan 4000 automatic colony counter!

June 17th 2016
Hello Boston at ASM Microbe 2016 in Boston, USA ! We are waiting for your visit booth #1455, do come by !

June 16th 2016
Join us today at #ASMMicrobe2016 in Boston, USA. Our new products at booth #1455

June 13th 2016
The NEW 2000 mL sterile bags are great for sample pooling. Lower your analyses costs & boost your lab’s efficiency!

Ask for free samples here

May 23rd 2016
“Meat : what’s in your plate”, documentary by French National TV. The automatic dilutor and plator easySpiral Dilute guarantees the sanitary food safety of your meat at ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety). Look here at minute 35:

May 16th 2016
We had a great time at Analytica 2016 ! Thanks to all of you who came by from the INTERSCIENCE teams

May 12th 2016
Hello from INTERSCIENCE booth B2.500 : good and enthusiastic atmosphere at Analytica2016. Do come by!

May 11th 2016
Great interest for NEW Plate and Count automatized bacterial enumeration at Analytica 2016 booth B2.500

May 10th 2016
Good morning Analytica 2016 ! Come by booth B2.500 to meet INTERSCIENCE teams

May 4th 2016
NEW : Increase your sensitivity in pathogens with the 2000 mL sterile bags for analyses. Ask us for sterile samples to try them !

April 26th 2016
Are you coming to meet us in #Analytica 2016 ? Prepare for booth B2.500 !

April 13th 2016
We have a great booth at LAB INDONESIA. Come and visit us booth J09 !

April 11th 2016
Have you visited INTERSCIENCE at ECCMID2016 ? Do come booth 45 !

April 6th 2016
It was a pleasure to meet you in Chinalab this year. Thank you your interest and visits!

March 29th 2016
Meet us at ECCMID in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We will be expecting you booth 45.

March 29th 2016
Meet us in FORUM LABO in Lyon booth C22 on March 30th and 31st

March 22nd 2016
Conference at ArabLab about Food safety : from sample preparation to microbiological analyses.

March 21st 2016
Thank you for a great A3P Tours show. It was nice meeting you there !

March 21st 2016
Hello ArabLab ! INTERSCIENCE teams are waiting for your visit booth 777. Do come by !

March 21st 2016
In ArabLab today at 1 pm, INTERSCIENCE will give a conference on #FoodSafety, come Forum Theatre 3, FoodLab sector

March 8th 2016
Pittcon 2016 is happening now in Atlanta! Come by booth #3350 to try our latest products!

March 1st 2016
Meet us at Pittcon show this year in Atlanta, GA. We will be expecting you booth #3350

February 29th 2016
INTERSCIENCE R&D and manufacturing site in beautiful french Auvergne region, such a great place to work!

February 8th 2016
Discover our new catalog ! Download it here: http://www.interscience.com/en/downloads/INTERSCIENCE_CATALOG

February 2nd 2016
Visit INTERSCIENCE new showroom in Boston, MA, USA: fast delivery & large showroom for demos and trainings !




Please contact us to schedule a visit

by phone at 781 937 0007

or by email at sales.usa at interscience.com

Our new facilities:

32 Cummings Park, WOBURN, MA 01801

Phone: 781 937 0007 Fax: 781 937 0017

January 25th 2016
Let’s meet in 2016 : we’ll be at 20 worldwide shows and would love to meet you ! Plan a meeting : info at interscience.com

January 11th 2016
Ultra-HD colony counter & inhibition zone reader with Scan® 4000. Free software download on http://www.interscience.com

December 22nd 2015
Thanks for a great year of innovation, collaboration & business ! Proud to serve with the best products & service !

December 15th 2015
We are delighted to announce the opening of the new INTERSCIENCE office in Singapore, as we grow our business in South-East Asia. This new office joins our established international locations: France, USA and China.

541 Orchard Street
#09-01 Liat Towers
Singapour 238881
Tel : +65 6933 1389
sales.asia at interscience.com

December 1st 2015
MEDICA 2015 was a great opportunity to present you our latest innovations for labs ! Thanks everyone !

November 16th 2015
We are in Medica today in Dusseldorf, Germany ! Meet us booth 3B36

November 3rd 2015
Thank you very much for your visit at BCEIA China ! We were happy to meet so many of you!

October 19th 2015
Meet us at Northeast Laboratory Conference in Portland, ME, USA, from 20-22 October. Expecting you booth #90 !

October 12th 2015
Hi/S-tec in Tokyo, Japan was a great success with the great interest for our new products ! Thank you for you visit !

October 8th 2015
Hi/S-tec in Tokyo, Japan starts today ! Our teams are looking forward to meeting you there.

October 7th 2015
Boost your lab work with Plate & Count. Enjoy quick, standardized and traceable results with easySpiral® automatic diluters and platers, Scan® automatic colony counters and DataLink full traceability system:

September 8th 2015
Meet us this month in #AOAC, Los Angeles (CA) booth 102, September 27-30 ! More info

August 24th 2015
A fresh air in the lab ! Request free samples of autoclave deodorant

July 14th 2015
Innovation on the go! If you haven’t tried DiluFlow the best gravimetric dilutor, ask for a free trial at IAFP!

June 30th 2015
ACHEMA was intense this year ! Many thanks for your collaboration and enthousiasm !

June 17th 2015
ACHEMA is right now ! Discover INTERSCIENCE new products Hall 4.1, booth L78

June 16th 2015
Check our video about NEW Scan 4000 HD colour colony counter here:

June 15th 2015
Get HD color images of your colonies and inhibition zones with the NEW Scan 4000 in compliance with CFR 21 part 11.

June 10th 2015
Meet us at ACHEMA ! Hall 4.1 booth L78

June 1st 2015
ASM 2015 show is right now ! Visit us booth 311 to discover great new products

May 26th 2015
Meet us at ASM booth 311 from May 31 to June 2 in New Orleans, USA

May 5th 2015
From your sample preparation to complete bacterial analysis with FULL traceability… INTERSCIENCE is your solution !

April 27st 2015
Happy to welcome you in Copenhagen. Visit us today at #ECCMID2015 booth #327

April 21st 2015
Watch the video about the most silent blender for labs!

April 9th 2015
We will be presenting new products in @ECCMID booth 327 in Copenhagen, Denmark from 25-28 April. Come by!

April 9th 2015
Meet us at CISILE in Beijing, China. We will be booth 2277-2278. Do please come by!

April 3rd 2015
2015, a great year for Forum Labo show in Paris ! Thanks everyone for your enthousiasm for INTERSCIENCE innovations.

April 2nd 2015
Come and see us today at ForumLabo Hall 4, booth G10-H11. We are happy to be here !

March 30th 2015
INTERSCIENCE teams will be happy to meet you in Paris at ForumLabo show from March 31st to April 2nd: come by booth G10-H11

March 24th 2015
Exciting to meet in Dubai! Come and meet us in ArabLab booth 1016 to know more about us!

March 23rd 2015
Increased accuracy and traceability with automatic dilution, plating and colony counting: discover Plate&Count

March 16th 2015
Many thanks for your visits in Chinalab in Guangzhou, China ! It was great to see so much interest in our products

February 19th 2015
For the best sample prep’ choose INTERSCIENCE !
Full videos & technical infos, click here http://www.interscience.fr/Bagsystem-sample-preparation

February 9th 2015
Full upgrade on Scan colony counters: megapixels camera, USB connection, automatic lights control!

February 2nd 2015
Spiral plating for bacterial enumeration is so much quicker! Now on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsgFeYV0cFA

January 26th 2015
Serial dilution and dish plating now on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez4OZGZivrY