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easySpiral Dilute®

Automatic serial diluter and plater

Ref. 414 000

- A revolution in serial dilutions !

easySpiral® Dilute enables serial dilutions up to 10-5 with increased accuracy. It is a very user-friendly tool: one button touch for the routine serial dilutions and automatic plating. It then enables automatic standardized plating of 1 to 1 trillion countable CFU/mL on 1 single Petri dish. Discover the amazing patented circle mode, 3 to 6 dilutions on 1 single Petri dish.

-Traceability & High-performance

Key features

Automatic sample diluter & plater with full traceability

- Choose your dilutions factor
- Do 10-5 dilution or more automatically
- No more 9 mL tube preparation

- Choose from 4 plating modes
- Plate on 55, 90 and 150 mm Petri dishes

- Fast rotating arm
- 1 disinfection + 5 dilutions + 1 plating in 134 s
- 1 disinfection + 5 dilutions + 6 platings in 234 s
- 5 dilutions + 1 plating in 116 s

- Overflow technology cleaning system
- No cross contamination
- 2 fully autoclavable bottles (diluent & disinfectant) and connectors

- In compliance with AFNOR V08-100 / ISO 7218

Technical specifications

Technical specifications of the model.

easySpiral Dilute®
414 000
Petri dish diameter
55 mm, 90 mm and 150 mm
Syringe capacity
1 000 μL
Programmable dispensed volume (via USB)
from 10 μL to 1 000 μL
Preset dispensed volume
50 μL, 100 μL and 200 μL
Counting range
30 to 1x1012 CFU/mL
Plating modes
55 mm: constant, pour plate
90 mm: exponential (10-5), constant, circle (3 dilutions), pour plate
150 mm: exponential (10-7), constant, circle (6 dilutions), pour plate
Number of dilutions at 1/10th for 1 cycle
1 disinfection + 5 dilutions + 1 plating 10-5
134 s
1 disinfection + 5 dilutions + 6 plating of each dilution
234 s
Disinfectant autonomy
1000 (with 2 L bottles)
Diluent autonomy
63 cycles (with 2 L bottles)
Circle mode (patented)
3 dilutions on a 90 mm Petri dish
6 dilutions on a 150 mm Petri dish
Stylus disinfection system (patented)
inside and outside by Overflow technology
Pressure in the stylus
8 bars
Successive plating capacity with the same sample
Up to 20 Petri dishes (50 μL)
excelTM, Data Matrix labels
Monthly cleaning program
Filling time programmable via USB
My Diluent key
Sample mixing before dilution/plating
Controlled by microprocessor
Dimensions (w x d x h)
39 x 42 x 29 cm
15.6 kg
Power supply
100-240 V / 50 Hz to 60 Hz
65 W
1 year guarantee (after registration)
All stainless steel

Delivered with: 1000 sterile beakers, 1 blue dye for testing,1 box of EnzyClear®, 4 sets of GL45 bottle connectors, Spiral® counting grids: 90 and 150 mm, circle counting grids: 90 and 150 mm, 55 mm Petri dish ring, 90 mm Petri dish ring, 150 mm Petri dish ring, software on a CD-ROM, USB cable, power cable, user manual, 1 Stylus, 2 Filters for pump.


  • Products made for INTERSCIENCE by Interlab, an ISO 9001 certified company.


Mains accessories

410 100 - dataLink
410 100 - dataLink
410 110 - Sticker for printer
410 110 - Sticker for printer
413 001 - Housing protection for platers
413 001 - Housing protection for platers
No picture
413 003 - Connection kit for GL45 bottle
413 003 - Connection kit for GL45 bottle
DataLink™ Sticker for printer Housing protection for platers 2L bottle (GL45) Connection kit for GL45 bottle
Ref. 410 100 Ref. 410 110 Ref. 413 001 Ref. 413 002 Ref. 413 003
No picture
No picture
No picture
No picture
No picture
Syringue (1 mL) Tubings Filters for rinsing bath Spiral® counting grid (90 mm) Spiral® counting grid (150 mm)
Ref. 413 004 Ref. 413 006 Ref. 413 009 Ref. 413 014 Ref. 413 015
No picture
No picture
No picture
No picture
No picture
Adjustable plate for Petri dish (90-150 mm) Plate for Petri dish (50-65 mm) Circle counting grid (90 mm) Circle counting grid (150 mm) Tube weight (Ø 3 mm)
Ref. 413 019 Ref. 413 020 Ref. 413 026 Ref. 413 027 Ref. 413 028
No picture
No picture
No picture
414 004 - Double connection kit for GL45 bottle
414 004 - Double connection kit for GL45 bottle
No picture
EnzyClear® Stylus (1 mL) Maintenance kit for platers (1 mL) Double connection kit for GL45 bottle DB50 beakers
Ref. 413 029 Ref. 414 001 Ref. 414 003 Ref. 414 004 Ref. 415 100
No picture
No picture
513 023 - PTFE filters 0.2 µm (Ø 25 mm)
513 023 - PTFE filters 0.2 µm (Ø 25 mm)
522 000 - Bar-code reader
522 000 - Bar-code reader
Detergent for platers Blue dye for platers PTFE filters 0.2 µm (Ø 25 mm) Bar-code reader
Ref. 415 510 Ref. 415 350 Ref. 513 023 Ref. 522 000

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Q: Is easySpiral® Dilute innovative ?
A: Yes ! easySpiral® Dilute is the only 2-in-1 equipment making automatic serial dilutions and standardized plating. With the one-button touch for the routine serial dilutions and automatic plating, EasySpiral® Dilute enables serial dilutions up to 10-5CFU/mL with typical accuracy of 0,5%. It then enables automatic standardized plating of 1 to 1 trillion countable CFU/mL on 1 single Petri dish.

Which diluents can I use ?
easySpiral® Dilute works with saline solutions (eg. Ringer’s solution, physiological saline) or any NaCl solution. Avoid using diluents with nutriments as they may cause contaminations. Bacteria only remain a few seconds in the beakers before being deposited on the Petri dish so using a saline diluent has no effect on the final enumeration. It is however possible to use nutrient solutions as diluent in the semi-automatic My Diluant mode. In that case, fill in the beakers with 4.5 mL diluent before processing.

I usually dilute 1 mL to 1/10 and the easySpiral® Dilute uses 0,5mL to 1/10. Is easySpiral® Dilute as precise with a volume divided by 2?
Usually the average accuracy for the 9 mL tubes filling and 1 mL pipetting is 2% with the need to calibrate and regularly check the pipets you are using.
EasySpiral® Dilute has an average accuracy of 0.5% on 0.5 mL and 4.5 mL volumes because it works with a high precision Hamilton glass syringe in a hydraulic circuit. With volumes divided by 2, precision and repeatability are then much higher!

Q: EasySpiral Dilute can only dilute up to 10-5. I do 10-7. Do I need to do 2 dilutions by hand?
A: No, you can do a 10-5 dilution, take the last beaker and replace it as the mother sample and then proceed with the automatic dilution.

Q: The accuracy of EasySpiral plater is high: 0.5%. How can I check it?
A: There is a special test procedure which fills a beaker with 0.5 mL ans another one with 4.5 mL. you can then weight then to check the machine.

Q: What is automatic plating ?
A: When sample preparation is over, Petri dishes are plated to perform the microbiological analysis. easySpiral® is an automatic plater that allow to have all the successive dilution on one Petri dish, avoiding all the tedious stages of dilutions and successive incubations of the manual method.

Is the Spiral® method an official method?
A: Yes, it is validated by A.O.A.C (American Organization of Anlysis Control) and AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation), V 08-100 standard. It became one of the official methods for food and cosmetics applications. The Spiral® method quickly became a reference for food microbiology applications, bactericidal, medical and cosmetical researches. It has been validated by many private analytical laboratories, veterinary laboratories and international industrial groups.

What are Spiral®’s advantages ?
A: They are numerous:
- It is a repeatable and reproducible method that performs all the dilutions on one Petri dish (compared to the three -minimum- that are necessary with the manual method).
- The sensitivity goes from 1 to 1 trillion CFU / mL on a Petri dish without prior to sample dilution (4 Petri dishes are needed in the manual method).
- It is an automatic method (intaking, plating, disinfection and cleaning) which makes these operations economical in consumables, time and space, and ecological.
- No cross-contamination, regularity and standardization, it is a time and consumables saving process.

When was the Spiral® method invented ?
A: The Spiral® method invented in 1973 when Dr Ed Campbell, a researcher at the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) designed a method to automatize the routine work of the bacterial enumeration. With François Jalenques, physicist and founder of INTERSCIENCE, they developped this innovative process. The Spiral® method was updated and patented in 1992. Today Spiral® automatic platers guarantee quick and safer ananlyses.

Does easySpiral® require a lot of maintenance ?
A: No, it’s a device that requires only little maintenance because it is robust and stainless steel. Thanks to its design, the circuit board is protected from liquid projections.


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